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  • Hi thank you for your interest in this 'pack'.
  • 'BLUEBERRY SOFT PACK C' incorporates games BBSOFT has made for kris kringle events on Glorious Trainwrecks and presents for (my now deleted) Patreon supporters.
  • It currently includes the following games:
    • Merry Catamitesmas
    • Merry Coristmas, Sergio
    • Merry Christmas, and a Huggy New Year
    • Mango Game (NEW RELEASE)
    • Touch Love (NEW RELEASE)
    • Animal Meadows (this is actually a bunch of games) (NEW RELEASE)
    • Careful Felt (NEW RELEASE)
  • Linux and Mac versions of Merry Catamitesmas and Careful Felt may very well have annoying mouse behaviour, so please don't give me any money for them until you've tested them out :-)
  • I'll add more games to this 'BLUEBERRY SOFT PACK C' when Christmas inspires new ones!
  • You can download stuff seperately, or grab everything at once with the 'EVERYTHING ([OS]).7z' files.


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README.zip 19 MB
MerryCatamitesmas.app.zip 116 MB
MerryCatamitesmas.tar.gz 125 MB
MerryCatamitesmas.zip 236 MB
MerryCoristmasSergio.app.zip 17 MB
MerryCoristmasSergio.tar.gz 18 MB
MerryCoristmasSergio.zip 17 MB
HuggyNewYear.app.zip 25 MB
HuggyNewYear.tar.gz 25 MB
HuggyNewYear.zip 25 MB
MangoGame.app.zip 84 MB
MangoGame.tar.gz 95 MB
MangoGame.zip 165 MB
TouchLove.app.zip 27 MB
TouchLove.tar.gz 27 MB
TouchLove.zip 29 MB
AnimalMeadows.zip 6 MB
CarefulFelt.app.zip 49 MB
CarefulFelt.tar.gz 49 MB
CarefulFelt.zip 72 MB

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